LOXOS It is the oblique position in which the contemporary artist is involved: its goal is to cross many aspects of the creating process in the domain of the intermedia development .


LOXOSconcept is a non-profit association (APS) dedicated to the creation of artistic installations and the exploration of electroacoustic contemporary music. Our mission extends to fostering research in the aesthetic, analytical, musicological, and scientific dimensions of music. Since its inception in 2016, LOXOSconcept has been instrumental in organizing the international MA/IN Festival.

As a pivotal force, LOXOSconcept served as the project leader for Matera 2019. We actively participate in the collaborative process of co-designing and co-creating a groundbreaking sound art project titled “IN ViTRØ – artificial sonification.” This innovative endeavor has been integrated into the cultural program of the European Capital of Culture 2019, showcasing the intersection of art and technology in the realm of sound.


MA/IN festival

electroacoustic + digital art festival

MATERA 2019 – European Capital of Culture

IN VITRØ ~ artificial sonification



silent film mutations