Matera is a special place, which burns in all of us thoughts and emotions. Since this harmony of life and resist, concrete example of resilience as now, Matera is a candidate in the name of the whole southern Italy, southern Europe and all the southern hemisphere, to express and represent the forgotten cultures , those who have keys and values ​​to unlock a deeper crisis – economic, cultural, social – hence the dominant cultures can not get out.

IN_VITRØ is a project of multimedia installations on the theme of water and water collection system, which is a peculiarity of Matera and other towns of Basilicata. Part of the project is Silent Week Event (educationals, performances).

The heart of the project is located in the Palombaro Lungo, the largest water cistern in the city of Matera, excavated under the main square of the town, Piazza Vittorio Veneto. This giant cistern, arguably as magnificent as a subterranean cathedral, is one of Matera’s great sights. Other locations of the project are in other areas of Basilicata.